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Kathleen Matthews

Exec. VP, Global Comm. and Public Affairs

Marriott Hotels

Advantages of building LEED

Building according to LEED standards doesn't have to be more expensive!

Brendan May


The Robertsbridge Group

Green Marketing, Greenwashing

Good green communications are absolutely critical as a mobilizing tool.

Workshop Video - Full version

Workshop Video - Full version

Find out how to move beyond the line of business-as-usual and become a winner in the face of the fundamental environmental and social changes that are already affecting businesses around the world. Meet key management from General Electric, Ikea, Marks & Spencer Marriott International and other companies, large and small, that are purposely moving beyond the line. Meet experts from the Center for American Progress, the Carbon Disclosure Project, Environmental Defense Fund, Forum from the Future, World Resources Institute and other organizations that have successfully partnered with companies to help them reduce their environmental impacts and increase their business performance.

Mike Schragger


Sustainable Fashion Academy

The Business Case for the Textile Industry

It’s the right time for the textile industry to look at sustainability.

Annika Matilda Wendelboe

Founder & Designer

Matilda Wendelboe

To eliminate waste

Matlida Wendelboe's cradle-to-cradle collection is made of fabrics which are either biodegradable - like wool and organic cotton - or recyclable, like nylon 6, which can be re-used thousands of times. This effectively eliminates waste from the life-cycle of the garment.

Albe Zakes

VP, Media Relations


Making Products from Waste

Terracycle works with major manufacturers to take used materials and turn them into new products.

Mike Barry

Head of Sustainable Business

Marks & Spencer

Multiplier Effects

Mark's & Spencer's Plan A has an enormous impact in moving the company's entire value chain – suppliers, customers, employees, communities – towards sustainability.

Professor Johan Rockström

Executive Director

Stockholm Environment Institute

Ecosystem Services

Nature provides numerous and critically important free "products" and "services", upon which we are utterly dependent, and which we need to value.

Dr. Joseph Romm

Senior Fellow

Center for American Progress

A New Business Paradigm

Companies have to understand that the world we live in will be quite different in three or four decades, with the need for an entirely new energy system.

Tom Murray

Corporate Partnerships Program

Environmental Defence Fund

Business has to take the lead

Business has to take the lead