Beyond the Line has been designed to be used in workshops and seminars as a business driver – to help create awareness, motivation, and inspiration for key staff in organizations that want to become successful players in the transition to the low carbon / low ecological footprint economy.

Beyond the Line Workshops explore how a proactive Beyond the Line strategy will help you improve your relations with your stakeholders, strengthen your market- and brand position, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

The workshops are built on the structure of the film and consist of four sections

Climate change and ecosystem degradation - a scientific background
Business risks and opportunities - identify your challenges and opportunities
Success stories - be inspired by businesses that are already moving Beyond the Line
Explore some of the critical success factors common to all businesses


The workshops take three hours. Participants will watch the film in sections, engage in discussions, and develop ideas for furthering environmental business strategies within your organisation. In addition to generating increased energy and motivation, the workshops will result in the development of practical tools that will help your business take the next steps on the path to turning the risks of climate and environmental change into compelling business opportunities.


To plan your workshop contact:

Serious Nature
Martin Schmidt: martin [@] seriousnature [dot] com

U&W [you&we]
Goran Wiklund: goran.wiklund [@] uwab [dot] se