A Carbon Free Economy

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About this film

A Carbon free economy is possible, but it requires the full deployment of all the low carbon technologies that we have today, as well as those that are still on the drawing board.

About Point Carbon

Point Carbon, a Thomson Reuters company, is a world-leading provider of independent market analysis for power, gas and carbon markets. Point Carbon provides professionals with this market-moving information through a wide offering of products and services including News, Research, Trading Analytics, Educational Programs, Industry Conferences and Advisory Services.

About Andreas Arvanitakis

Andreas Arvanitakis, Senior Analyst, POINT CARBON Andreas Arvanitakis has 12 years of experience in climate change politics, consulting with the European Parliament’s head of delegation to the Kyoto summit in 1997. Andreas set up the Point Carbon London office in 2003 and has extensive experience advising on market design and policy impact, market entry, low-carbon strategy development, post-2012 positioning and so on. His clients include governments and public agencies, intergovernmental institutions, international financial institutions as well as utilities, banks, energy firms and airlines. Andreas holds an MA in International Relations and is a member of the UK Charter of Financial Analysts.


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