Getting Started 3: Measure to Manage

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About this film

To manage sustainability you've got to be able to measure environmental and social impacts across the organizations.

About Given

Given brings together the consumer insight and creativity of brand communications, with the environmental and social knowledge of sustainability consulting. Given works with companies that already value sustainability to help them grow and with companies that want to learn how to build their brand by making good things happen. Given has a growing client list, including Nespresso and Virgin Media.

About Becky Willan

Becky Willan, Director, Given London Becky’s professional background is in corporate social responsibility. She started out at The Body Shop, where she devised and implemented the company’s climate change strategy in EMEA and led a number of internal and external sustainability projects. She later joined Clownfish, a sustainability and communications consultancy, where she headed up the strategy team and worked with clients including Unilever, Kraft, Vodafone, Tesco and SCA. Becky left Clownfish at the end of 2009 and co-founded Given London, a brand communications agency that specialises in sustainability.


Business Sector

▪ Sustainability Consulting


▪ Measurement