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About this film

Matlida Wendelboe's cradle-to-cradle collection is made of fabrics which are either biodegradable - like wool and organic cotton - or recyclable, like nylon 6, which can be re-used thousands of times. This effectively eliminates waste from the life-cycle of the garment.

About Matilda Wendelboe

Matilda Wendelboe is a Swedish brand that makes fashion both considerate and glamorous. The garments are characterized by distinctive silhouettes, meticulous material selection and tailored details, highlighting the individuality of each wearer. A great deal of attention is paid to garment construction and many of the Matilda Wendelboe creations can be worn in different ways, for example; a blouse can be worn as a skirt, a dress can become a cape – depending on the wim of the moment. Many of the garments are made from organic materials, all are sewn in Sweden. Each creation is made in a limited edition, some are numbered.

About Annika Matilda Wendelboe

Matilda Wendelboe has created the world´s first fully recyclable fashion collection. The garments are made of Cradle to Cradle Certified CM* fabrics from Pendleton, Trigema and Backhausen that can be either composted or recycled. -As a producer, I feel a strong responsability to avoid adding to the huge mountain of waste. That means C2C is extremely good news, says designer Annika Matilda Wendelboe. By thinking full circle and making products that can be reused without downgrading we can achieve ´cradle to cradle´ instead of ´cradle to grave´.


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