Happiness: a new measure of corporate performance?

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About this film

Many governments - like China, Japan, and the UK - are looking at Happiness as a measure of growth and prosperity, in addition to traditional economic criteria. This will have significant impacts on business models.

About AtKisson Group

AtKisson Group provides consulting services, training, and tools for organizations wanting to move towards sustainability. We focus our services on helping the people who make sustainability happen. We listen carefully to what you are trying to accomplish. Then we propose a plan of action, a set of targeted outcomes, and the right tools to achieve them - based on your needs, and our experience. If you are working in a global enterprise or international agency, we can support you with Affiliates on four continents. If your work focuses on a smaller piece of the planet, we can bring a global perspective to your local challenges. We provide sustainability advice of all kinds, at all levels, from finding technical solutions to framing a sustainability leadership philosophy. We help clients assess their impacts and options; create comprehensive, multi-year strategic plans; or just find the most effective next step.

About Alan AtKisson

Alan AtKisson has been working at the forefront of sustainability initiatives since 1988. As an author, consultant, speaker, and musician, Alan continually seeks new ways to communicate the complex challenges facing our world, and new ways to empower the change agents who are working to address them. In all his work, he blends the discipline of a researcher, the fun and creativity of an artist, and the people skills of a strategic advisor and organizational leader. As CEO and President of The AtKisson Group, Alan works with his colleagues and partners around the world to “mainstream sustainability” by empowering people to make beneficial changes in their corner of the world.


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