Better Cotton: Getting Energized

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About this film

Once top management got behind the better cotton initiative, the energy went through the whole company.

About Ikea

IKEA is the leading global home furnishing company with retail and purchase organisations spread out over the whole globe. The uniqueness of the offer lies in the fact that the whole range style wise is balanced and has a clear "IKEA identity" IKEA offers everything one needs for the home under one roof. Low price and good value for money is a must when developing the range while at the same time driving a strong sustainability agenda. IKEA's suppliers are large users of raw materials. Cotton, our second biggest raw material, has a very negative impact on the environment and people's life. IKEA is driving, together with WWF, several big projects in the cotton fields. By implementing Better management Practices we succeeded to take down the use of water resources and chemicals by half while the farmers are earning more money. Our goal is that by 2015 all cotton used in IKEA products will come from sustainable farmers. IKEA is also working actively with Save the Children and UNICEF to improve the social conditions for children and women in the cotton area's. Millions of women andd children will benefit from this program.

About Guido Verjike

Guido Verjike is global Business Leader for IKEA Home Textiles and also responsible for IKEA's global cotton operations. He's been with the company for nearly 26 years, with long experience on the retail side, both in the stores and in the Belgian head office. He's been in the Swedish organization for the last 14 years, working with global range development. Guido is 47 years old, originally Belgian, but a Swedish citizen since 2005. He's married to a Swedish woman, has 2 children in Belgium and one daughter in Sweden.


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