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About this film

Good green communications are absolutely critical as a mobilizing tool.

About The Robertsbridge Group

The Robertsbridge Group is a new sustainability consultancy, founded by a group of leading environmental thinkers including Tony Juniper, Charles Secrett, Alison Austin OBE and Peter Ainsworth. The organisation is a fast-growing ‘one-stop-shop’ for businesses seeking to embrace the commercial advantages of embedding sustainable development into their everyday operations.

About Brendan May

Brendan May is founder of the Robertsbridge Group, a new coalition of leading environment thinkers. He has worked in the sustainable business field since 1998, having been Chief Executive of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) from 1999-2004, and then founder and Managing Director of Planet 2050 from 2004-2009. Brendan is a Contributing Editor for Ethical Corporation, and serves on the global board of directors for the Rainforest Alliance.


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