A drive for environmental consciousness

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About this film

Ecoigo has a green alternative to the classic London taxi.

About Ecoigo

ecoigo is London’s premier environmentally conscious executive car service- the ecological alternative to taxi, minicab and private hire. We deliver premium, unparalleled service using the cleanest, most advanced technologies available, providing uncompromised travel at no extra cost to clients or the environment, with no sacrifice to standards whatsoever. We offer a professional, dependable, sustainable cab service at extremely competitive rates. We pride ourselves on only the finest levels of service and our commitment to environmental issues. On an average journey, clients save over 1kg of CO2, offset double any emissions, rescue or reforest over 1metre square of tropical forest, provide someone in the developing world with clean water for a month, save money and prove that something as simple as choosing ecoigo can make a world of difference. Your journey is as important to us as it is to you. At ecoigo service, accountability and sustainability coexist.

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