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"Can an insurance company change the world?  Folksam was born from an idea that together, we can make the world a little better.  That was a hundred years ago.  Today, we are over three thousand people, working to create more secure lives for our four million customers, who are also our owners. However, we are convinced that we can accomplish much more than just this. We may not be able to change the world, but together we can help to move things in the right direction.  Beyond the Line makes an key contribution at a time when all of us on this planet must realize the need to protect and restore our earth's ecosystems. That's why we are supporting this important project."  Jan Snaar, Head of Sustainability, Folksam Insurance, Stockholm

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SRS - Scandinavian Risk Solutions

Scandinavian Risk Solutions' core business is to identify and manage risk for companies and organizations. We strive to be the best at what we do, both as individuals and as a team. Our experience, ability to build long-term relationships, and skillfulness in finding the best solutions for all concerned parties, form the cornerstones of our brand promise: "People to trust." Combining our concerns for people, profit, and our planet, our vision is to help create opportunities for sustainable development. Sustainability-thinking is thus a key ingredient in our daily work. "Beyond the Line' is an eye opener that inspired our management to take even further actions in securing sustainable business practice. We strongly believe in and gladly support this project." Visit SRS




Fjällräven - Functional equipment for more - and more comfortable - journeys in the outdoors.
We believe that nature is fantastic and we hope to inspire more people to get out there. The reason is simple, this is where we like to spend our spare time and we are also among a small group of lucky people who also spend much of our working hours there. That is why we are doing our best to integrate environmental care in every aspect of our business. This includes developing durable materials, but also choosing materials that have less of an impact on the environment, such as eco-cotton or bamboo.  Visit Fjäll Räven




ICA has a comprehensive climate program with the overall goal of a 30% reduction in our emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020. It is our conviction that we can combine long-term profitability with effective climate measures. And by demonstrating this in action, we can also convince other businesses and decision-makers that we must take a more proactive responsibility for climate change. "Beyond the Line" shows, in a number of different cases, that there are other companies that share our outlook. ICA will be using the film to create interest and focus on climate work, both internally and with our suppliers.  Visit ICA