EcotransitionThere is a new industrial revolution taking place.  It will effect the entire world of business in much the same ways as the historical transitions from horsepower to engines, from steam power to electricity, from analogue communications to digital. Just as there were winners and losers in the course of these earlier transitions, there will be winners and losers in the current one.


This new revolution is being fueled by the threats and effects of climate and environmental change, and the impacts on business are already being felt. The physical effects - extreme weather events, deterioration of water resources, loss of biodiversity - are the most publicized, and pose measurable risks to businesses in all sectors.


However, there is a whole range of other impacts – more indirect, but no less compelling – that will separate the businesses who are prepared for this transition from those who are not. These are the demands coming from the world in which businesses operate - from the “business ecosystem”, if you will - from government regulators, lawmakers, insurers, suppliers, investors, customers. They are all increasingly demanding that businesses take their share of the responsibility for finding solutions to the current crises.


The equation is simple: companies that develop business models that are built upon awareness of this eco-transition, will satisfy the demands of these stakeholders, and will flourish. Those who don’t, will not.


Eco-Transition requires a new mindset. It means being prepared for a journey, an ongoing process - you can’t get there right away. The first step is complying with regulations, becoming energy efficient, reducing waste streams, cutting back on the use of finite resources. These kinds of eco-efficiencies will go right to your bottom line and will save you money. 


But that’s not enough. Stakeholders are demanding much more. And your competitors may have already begun the journey - developing new business models, finding new partners, opening new markets, producing low-carbon and low environmental impact products. This is what it means to be moving Beyond the Line...


Don't get left behind.