The impact of climate change

Beyond the Line

It's hard to avoid the fact that something is happening to our environment. Climate Change is now having major and measurable impacts on many of our lives, societies, and businesses. And climate change is just the most obvious and talked about symptom of a broad range of environmental challenges which will leave no one... no business... untouched.


How is all of this going to effect your business, and what can you - what should you - do about it?


There's a line being drawn between those businesses that still believe they can continue to conduct "Business as Usual", and those businesses that understand what's happening, and see not only the threats, but also the opportunities that are always inherent in a crisis.


This program is about moving beyond that line - about seizing the moment and using our environmental challenges as a powerful business driver. For we are entering an era where there are enormous opportunities for innovation and business development - not in Business as Usual...


but in Business Beyond the Line...