A man planting trees to compensate for CO2 emissions

Environmental Impacts

The production of Beyond the Line resulted in the emission equivalent of 21.30 metric tons of CO2 . This was compensated through ZeroMission Trees, working with the Plan Vivo System, which plants trees in Mexico, Mozambique and Uganda. This not only helps to mitigate climate change, but also helps communities in developing countries improve the welfare of local small-scale farmers by providing fruit, firewood and timber. The project also aims to counteract deforestation of valuable natural forests and thereby to improve resilience and biodiversity. 1,000 square meters of trees were planted to compensate for the project’s emissions.


We would also like to thank Cool Earth, which has made an additional offset of 10 times our emissions, by protecting 10,000 square meters of forest from clearing.  This means that our project has become carbon positive!