About Us

Beyond the Line is being run on a not-for-profit basis by Serious Nature, with core funding from the Stichting af Jochnick Foundation.  All proceeds from the sales of on-line access and DVD’s, and all support from sponsors and other funding organizations, will be used to maintain and expand the content of this website, and continue the effort to inform, motivate, and engage businesses in the issues of climate change and environmental degradation.

Serious Nature

Serious Nature aims to increase awareness within the business community about the urgent environmental challenges that we face today. We also want to inspire businesses by showing them best case examples of companies that are in the forefront of sustainable business development. Our key focus is on the business community, simply because it makes perfect sense to actively address ecological and climate issues from a growth and profitability perspective. We believe that responding to these challenges presents lucrative opportunities for all businesses. Visit Serious Nature.

Stichting af Jochnick Foundation

The purpose of the Stichting af Jochnick Foundation is to contribute to the greater good by supporting projects that focus on children, youth, education and world health. Our priority lies with projects that help people to self-help and give assistance to a self-start. Entrepreneurial ship has always been a focus for us, thus helping people, to in a small way, start their own business is something we want to support. The Foundation’s objective is to assist 100 000 children with education over a period of ten years to ensure their survival, security and progress. Visit the Stichting af Jochnick Foundation.